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Training and Learning Center (TLC)

The Training and Learning Center (TLC) provides training materials that have been carefully selected by our Editorial Board based on a common set of criteria. The TLC includes both field-based (off-line) and e-learning (online) materials. Some e-learning courses and programmes are certificate-based. There are also discussion forums on training matters and related topics. Training materials come in a variety of formats and target different levels of knowledge (introductory, intermediate and advanced). All materials – both FAO and non-FAO resources – are publicly available and freely downloadable.

You can search the TLC for:

  • training packages: complete training courses, etc.;
  • individual training materials: training manuals, extension guides, etc.

How to suggest an item to add to the TLC?

Simply send us the item (or an electronic link to it) via email (sfvc@fao.org) as much information on it as you can. The Editorial Board will then consider the item for inclusion.