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Fuentes oficiales señalan la mejora de la calidad del azúcar
Fecha de publicación:21/04/2011
País: Belice
Fuente: LoveFM


Cane farmers of the north are getting ready to take advantage of financing being made available through DFC for replanting of sugar cane fields. Yields are expected to increase through this program but what about quality? BSI’s Manager of Research and Cane Farmer Relations Eduardo Zetina says so far the quality of cane being delivered to the mill has been good.

Eduardo Zetina – Manager, Research and Cane Farmers Relations

“We have been blessed with very good weather conditions. I think there is a general recognition on the part of the cane farming community that there is a need to change harvest practices and particularly scheduling of delivery of sugar cane; so all that has contributed to an excellent recovery this year. This year we are talking about 8.6 tons per ton sugar and we have not seen that for ages, in fact it is a record. We are very happy that this is happening but at the same time we have to be cognizant that certain elements have converged to provide us with this excellent quality."

This has been a good come back for the industry that has suffered several challenges in the last season. To date, more than 60 thousand tons of sugar has been produced.

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