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14 bombas de alta capacidad para mejorar el sistema de desagüe y el riego
Fecha de publicación:06/05/2011
País: Guyana
Fuente: Ministerio de Agricultura

Guyana's drainage and irrigation system will be significantly boosted through an Indian line of credit to the tune of US $4M as 14 high capacity pumps that will also significantly reduce flooding will be acquired.

 Minister of Agriculture Robert Persaud today signed the agreement with the Executive Director of Surendra Engineering Corporation, of Mumbai, India, Brijen Parikh at the Ministry of Agriculture for the supply of the pumps.

 Minister Persaud said this investment will certainly help to combat the effects of climate change.

 He noted that most of the pumps in Guyana operate at 150 units and with the implementation of the new pumps there will be a capacity of 200 units with a greater discharge capability so that water will be able to recede off the land faster and, in a more technologically advanced way.

            He added that the pumps will be placed at critical and vulnerable locations throughout the coastal region so that all citizens, especially farmers will benefit.  Of the 14 pumps, 8 will be fixed and the remainder will be mobile so that they can be deployed in the event of an emergency.

This will make the work easier and the Ministry will be well prepared and have some of the pumps ready in time for the upcoming rainy season.

 When asked about the time frame for the completion of this project, the Minister said that by December or January work is expected to be completed so that the pumps will be operational.  

Director of Surendra Engineering Corporation Mr. Parikh said that he has a strong team of capable experienced partners and assured his best service in the years to come.

            He also noted that this is a landmark in that never before in Guyana's history has that number of pumps been bought for a single project and that they are not ordinary pumps but are geared to deal with the problems associated with climate change.

The technology is new within the ministry and training will be given to locals because operation and maintenance are important for the continued use of the pumps.

            Minister Persaud pointed out that the company that was awarded this project is one of good reputation and it is not the first time it had done work in Guyana, since it had previously worked with the sugar industry and is currently involved in the Enmore Packaging plant.

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Publicado por: Ministerio de Agricultura