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Haití tiene problemas con las gestión de los canales de riego
Fecha de publicación:13/02/2012
País: Haití

Last week, the agronomist Herbert Docteur, Minister of Agriculture met with regional and departmental directors, engineers, experts and various executives of the ministère to reassess the various works of irrigation canals constructed or rehabilitated in various parts of the country and solve some problems of managing of these channels. The establishment of new structures and the regulation of management methods has lead to effective results were the main points made by the executives of the Ministry.

The Minister of Agriculture underlined the weakness of associations mandated to manage the irrigation canals. It would be necessary, according to Herbert Docteur, to reassess and decide on another form of management, noting that millions of gourdes have been spent in the execution of these channels, through the efforts of many institutions and ministry partners of project Winner/USAID, without achieving the expected results.

Jean Robert Estimé, Director of Project Winner/USAID, in his intervention explained that the project Winner/USAID as already done much work of rehabilitation and construction of canals, to Rivière blanche, Rivière grise, in the plain of Cul de Sac and in the Artibonite Department and emphasized for, that together with the Ministry of Agriculture (MARNDR), be set up regional committees, consisting only of people affiliated with organizations capable of managing irrigation canals for the benefit of communities.

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