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El desabastecimiento de pollo provoca una escala de precios en Guyana
Fecha de publicación:29/05/2012
País: Guyana

After weeks of monitoring prices in an effort to ensure the market remains stable the Ministry of Commerce is once again faced with another hike in the price for chicken. When the National Communications Network visited markets around the city (29/05/12), the commodity was being retailed in some cases for as much as G $400 per pound.

Prices are spiking mainly in Demerara as consumers are now paying between G $350 and G $400 per pound for chicken. Many vendors explained that the escalating prices are due to a glut experienced in the market over the past few weeks. They added that the increase is a normal phenomenon after such an occurrence.

Meanwhile, consumers are hoping that the price for chicken will be normalized in the coming month. Consumers are also calling for improved monitoring of the market, saying the retail price is far too high. Stay with NCN news online as we monitor the prices of chicken and other poultry products in the coming weeks.

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