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La FAO y el GFC firman un acuerdo de 50 000 dólares para la capacitación de asociaciones de leñadores
Fecha de publicación:21/06/2011
País: Guyana
Fuente: GINA News

As part of ongoing efforts to promote sustainable forest management practices in Guyana, the administration continues to engage stakeholders within the sector on conservation, management and sustainable development of forest resources.
Today, a US$50,000 grant agreement was signed by the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) and the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) for capacity building for small loggers’ associations in forestry-based communities, at the GFC, Kingston Office.

FAO’s representative to Guyana Dr. Lystra Fletcher - Paul said that the National Forest Programme Facility (NFPF) that was established in 2002 in recognition of the central role of national forest has agreed to support Guyana’s forest programme for three year, hence the US$50,000 grant will be utilized to benefit 10 community -based forestry enterprises in Regions 2, 9 and 10.
Some of the beneficiaries are Rockstone, Muritaro and Aroaima, Region 10, Aranaputa, Region 9 and Capoey, and Bethany, Region 2.
The programme will see stakeholders being trained in several areas including: forestry policies, forest management, tree identification, timber grading, use of computer and agriculture, poultry rearing and handicraft.
“This programme is aimed at enhancing the associations’ ability to meaningfully participate in the national forest dialogue by building their technical capacity in forestry management and, by developing their capacity to undertake community-based enterprises to improve their livelihood,” Dr. Fletcher- Paul said.

In addition, she said that since the NFPF’s establishment over 700 small grants were allocated in 80 partner countries and regional organisations with the overall “objectives to assist countries in developing and implementing national forestry programmes to affectively address local needs and national priorities”.
Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud, who was present at the signing ceremony, expressed gratitude to the FAO representative on behalf of Government and GFC for the organisation’s speedy response.
“The FAO is demonstrating itself as a tangible, caring and workable partner and given the track record of FAO in this regard I think is very, commendable,” Minister Persaud said.
He added that FAO’s support will certainly allow Guyana to remain a country where sustainable forest management is perhaps second to none.
As a result of this, Minister Persaud added, “we can boast around the globe in terms of our high forest cover, our low deforestation rate of 0.06%. We are able to receive close to US$70 million in terms of services provided and the other engagements we have”.
This support, he said, will further afford the country’s forestry to fulfill its obligation to its people while being able to stay within the REDD plus framework.
“A decade ago many communities lived within and around forest resources and they saw these resources being exploited... the government took a very firm and deliberate approach to have a social component and that is to ensure that forest communities have direct access to these resources to bring about social and economic development,” Minister Persaud said.
Out of the 431 state forests, Minister Persaud said, in excess of 100 are within community forest organisation.
Minister Persaud said that Government has been working with and engaging stakeholders within the sector and, this additional injection of resources will allow for the extension of that programme, not only the first 10 communities but, others so that they can also enhance their forestry practices management.
“ I think that this will be a very significant boost in forest management and, it will also boost our capacity too, in terms of extraction because there is a growing demand for lumber in Guyana and outside of Guyana,” Minister Persaud said.

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