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La asociación caribeña de aves de corral se reune en Belice
Fecha de publicación:28/06/2011
País: Belice

The Poultry Industry of Belize is vibrant estimated at over fifty five million dollars. The country is one of the highest poultry consuming countries of the region next to Trinidad and Tobago. Today, the presidents and directors of the Caribbean Poultry Association (CPA) met in Belize to discuss several items including issues of a proposal of reducing the common external tariff. Orlando Habet, manager of the Belize Poultry Association says they are hosting their nineteenth meeting of the CPA.

Orlando Habet – Manager, Belize Poultry Association
“The issue of a proposal by COTED to reduce the common external tariff from 40% to 20% that would affect most of our countries because it makes it a lot of easier for imported frozen and other meats to be able to come into Belize. The Governments may see it as a way of reducing the cost of food and other living conditions however from the productive sector we look at it from a different angle, that of providing jobs, and creating employment not only for the producers themselves but for example in Belize we have some 2,500 employed within the poultry industry itself so if you destroy that industry it will have a significant impact on our economy.”

President of the Caribbean Poultry Association Christopher Levy says they are looking at the structure of the CPA and that the countries are at a critical point in the history of agriculture in the Caribbean Region.

Christopher Levy – President, Caribbean Poultry Association
“We are at a very important point. Agriculture is the backbone of all of our countries and I think it is under threat that we have not seen the likes of for the last 20 years or so. I think that the challenge that is before us is one that will require a great deal of unity and coordination between agricultural sectors, this is not just a poultry issue. It is a issue that will impact the citrus industry in Belize, it will impact the grain industry and the rice industry in Guyana, it will impact all of our various countries and I think it is very important for us to know that at this point in time that it requires unity and a very clear purpose of how we approach this challenge."

Maria Novelo - Reporter
Hence the reason for lobbying with the CARICOM countries?

Christopher Levy – President, Caribbean Poultry Association
“Yes. This meeting is really around the various producers and associate members coming together and really coordinating how we are going to communicate the facts of what we do. For example in Jamaica the agricultural sector is the largest sector of employer of people in Jamaica, it is the third largest GDP contributor. When you throw agriculture under the bus a fundamental question that has to be asked is what happens to those 200,000 people who work in agriculture and their dependants and I am sure it is the same here in Belize as it is in Trinidad, or Guyana or Barbados and we need to recognize that while agriculture sector is not a very sexy sector we don’t have girls on phones walking around, we are the back bone of our countries and a lot of times it happens a little bit more behind the scenes than actually in the face of our consumers. In other words folks buy whether it is poultry or whether it is rice they buy it packaged on supermarket shelves but the amount of work that goes in behind it getting to that consumer point is not always visible and I think it is something that we are working on how do we increase our visibility so that the technicians and the policy makers are aware of the depth of the sector in our region.”

Despite the relatively high consumption of chicken in Belize, we are lower in egg consumption compared to Mexico who consume about four hundred eggs per person per year while Belize is one hundred and thirty eggs per person a year. Habet says more advertising will be key for an upward trend in egg consumption

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