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Los agricultores de Guyana se beneficiarán de los programas de la CAMI
Fecha de publicación:17/11/2011
País: Guyana

Local farmers are expected to become more self sufficient following the introduction of the Caribbean Agro Meteorological Initiative (CAMI).

The project was introduced to farmers today via an all day interactive session with chief hydrologist of the Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology Adrian Trotman, aimed at building capacity among them

The Caribbean Agro Meteorological Initiative (CAMI) project seeks to gain feedback from producers and provide integral climatic information to help enhance farming conditions and allow farmers to engage in larger investments.

According to Ministry of Agriculture Permanent Secretary George Jarvis, the project has been made available to farmers via government in collaboration with the Hydromet Service and the Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology.

He believes farmers need accurate knowledge about weather patterns in order to have a booming investment. Jarvis added that while farmers in other regions have struggled in the past to reach demands due to weather conditions, Guyana has been able to remain a food secure nation.

“We are also aware of the threats of weather and climate change posed to our agriculture sector, in this regard the Government of Guyana continues to take steps to ensure that our farmers are equipped to deal with the impacts of extreme weather and the future impacts of climate change” Permanent Secretary George Jarvis said.

Guyana is among 10 Caribbean countries benefiting from the CAMI intervention. Over the years, the Governement of Guyana has invested in research and other development initiatives to improve crop genetics and animal breeds to adapt to changes caused by varying conditions.

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