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Haití lanza un ambicioso proyecto para fortalecer a los emprendedores rurales
Fecha de publicación:16/09/2013
País: Haití

Friday, the European Union, the National Authorising Officer of the European Development Fund (EDF), the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development (MARNDR), Agronomists and Veterinarians Without Borders (AVSF) and its partners Mouvement Paysan Papaye (MPP), Veterimed (aitian NGO specializing in health and livestock production), the National Council of Popular Funding (KNFP in Creole), the École Moyenne de Développement de Hinche (EMDH) and the Cooperative of Savings and Credit Lascahobas (COOPECLAS) launched an ambitious project to strengthen rural entrepreneurship and profitable sectors of agricultural products in the Central Plateau.

The project PWOFIPA’N, aims to enhance agricultural production, rural entrepreneurship and investment in processing infrastructure, such as 4 dairies, including a new in Maïssade, 2 cane mills, 1 workshop of traditional sugar production and 1 workshop for the preparation of food for fish farming.

The project will directly benefit 320 cattle farmers supplying dairies, 50 cane growers users of sugar mills, as well as 20 new cattle farmers, 30 cane growers, 20 poultry farmers and 30 new entrepreneurs through the continued support component to the rural entrepreneurship. In the longer term, the action will impact more than 7,200 students across the School Canteen Program (PNCS), which provides them with milk from 4 dairies in the Central Plateau, as well as more than 480 breeders and 200 cane growers, thanks to the newly constructed processing units. In addition, about 60 direct jobs will be created within 4 dairies, 4 cane mills and the workshop of sugar production.

This project is funded at 82% (€ 1.4 million), by the European Union and will be implemented by AVSF and its Haitian partners over a period of 30 months in coordination with the Haitian government.

avier Nino Perez, Ambassador of the European Union declared "Support entrepreneurship among farmers is an important lever for local development and increase sources of income for households. I welcome this new initiative that we will led with AVSF, its partners and the Haitian government, which will allow not only t individuals to take control of their destiny but also better value local resources and local expertise."

Dr. Joseph Carmille, Coordinator of PWOFIPA'N for AVSF stressed "Rural Entrepreneurship contributes to help rural youth to make better use of local natural resources and create economic opportunities. This is a constructive response to the Haitian youth idleness, which constitutes a major problem for future generations. Young people regain confidence in themselves and feel more involved in their communities. Thus, they no longer need or want to migrate to the capital and come swell the slums."

Specifically, the project PWOFIPA'N, will enable to equip (eg in tools for artisans, in floating cages for fishermen), finance and train about 260 entrepreneurs. It will also secure the supply of processing plants for agricultural products. In this context, the actors of the agricultural sector will be helped to improve their management capacity of processing units. This support will benefit networks dairies "Lèt Agogo" of the Central Plateau, the National Milk Producers Federation (FENAPWOLA), the Association of Producers of Cane of Maïssade (APKM) and the management committees of hillside lakes.

This project ensures the continuity of enhancement project of hillside lakes and rural entrepreneurship (2011-2013 funded by the EU and the MARNDR / AFD), which has helped to fund 162 rural entrepreneurs (including 35 dairy farmers) and develop six hillside lakes, contributing to the increase in local production. The direct impact of this first project was a doubling of the volume of milk collected daily at the level of "Lèt Agogo" dairy of Papaya (town of Hinche), which went from 30 gallons per day to about 60 gallons per day.

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