AGROVOC Meetings

Since 2018, the editorial community has met twice to consider new technical possibilities and set priorities for the further development of AGROVOC. A June 2018 meeting in Utrecht (The Netherlands), organized jointly with the Land Portal Foundation, brought together 25 participants from 18 institutions in 14 countries to review the status of editorial policies and prepare an upgrade of the VocBench platform. 

In June 2019 the AGROVOC editorial meeting, hosted by the German Association for Technology and Structures in Agriculture (KTBL) in Darmstadt (Germany), brought together 33 editors and stakeholders from 16 countries and 13 language areas.  

The third meeting of AGROVOC Editors was held online, in June 2020, with twenty-five participants representing institutions from the AGROVOC Editorial Community. The purposes of the meeting were to reinforce the AGROVOC editorial community, invite institutions to curate new languages and new topics, outline new technical possibilities, and set priorities for the next few years.