Antimicrobial Resistance

FAO launches Progressive Management Pathway for Antimicrobial Resistance


Antimicrobials are a precious resource. They treat infections in people, animals and plants. In this way, they also help ensure continuity for agriculture production systems all around the world. Antimicrobials are intrinsically linked to agriculture-based livelihoods, food security and nutrition.

However, the misuse and overuse of antimicrobials is causing serious concern. The more antimicrobials that are used, the more microbes can adapt to tolerate these treatments. The result is antimicrobial resistance (AMR), which can translate into treatment failure, leading to human and animal deaths. These are not only a tragedy, but they also place a critical strain on the sustainability of food production systems upon which countries rely.

A complex problem

AMR is a particularly complicated problem. It touches on all sectors involved in human, animal, plant and environmental health. Facing AMR requires coordination across multiple disciplines and coordinated decision making at local, national and international levels. Putting systems and capacities in place to address AMR is a complex challenge.

In order to address this complexity, FAO is launching its Progressive Management Pathway for Antimicrobial Resistance (FAO-PMP-AMR). This innovative approach helps countries tackle AMR step by step. Using FAO-PMP-AMR, countries can find out where they stand in terms of managing AMR in food and agriculture sectors, identify the highest priority actions to be undertaken and track their progress. Most importantly, the FAO-PMP-AMR can help countries translate national action plans into concrete activities.

Four focus areas

The FAO AMR PMP focuses on the four key areas necessary to address AMR:

  1. Improving awareness;
  2. developing surveillance and monitoring capacities;
  3. strengthening governance; and
  4. promoting the prudent use of antimicrobials.

A call to action

During this year’s World Antibiotic Awareness Week, FAO is calling for global action on AMR, especially within the food and agriculture sectors. Along these lines and with the help of the FAO-PMP-AMR, countries can identify the priority actions that are best for them. In this way, national authorities can work toward progress on the more effective management of AMR to safeguard food and agriculture sectors and promote sustainable production.

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