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What is it?
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Key sectors

Antimicrobial drugs play a critical role in the treatment of diseases, their use is essential to protect both human and animal health. However, antimicrobials are often misused for treatment and prevention of diseases in livestock sector, aquaculture as well as crop production. These actions are often associated with the potential risk of emergence and spread of antimicrobial resistant micro-organisms.

Key facts

Around 700.000 human deaths each year related to antimicrobial resistance (UK’s O’Neill Commission)

27 different antimicrobial classes used in animals

Total global animal health market in 2011 was equivalent to USD 22 billion (OECD)

118 countries reported quantitative data on antimicrobial use in animals between 2015 and 2017, an increase from 89 reporting in 2015


Exploring the Socioeconomic Importance of Antimicrobial Use in the Small-Scale Pig Sector in Vietnam

This study explored antimicrobial use behaviors in 36 pig farms in two Provinces of Viet Nam (with a median of 5.5 breeding sows and 41 fattening pigs)...

Water, sanitation, hygiene (WASH) and wastewater management to prevent infections and reduce the spread of antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

This technical brief provides information to inform WASH and wastewater elements within multi-sectoral AMR national action plans.

Antimicrobial resistance in food

There is clear scientific evidence that food can serve as a vehicle of foodborne exposure to antimicrobial-resistant bacteria.


One Health Global Leaders Group on Antimicrobial Resistance

Call for expressions of interest from networks and organizations representing civil society and the private sector. The Interagency Coordination Group (IACG) on Antimicrobial Resistance concluded its mandate by submitting its report to the UN Secretary-General (UNSG) in April [...]

Developing Rwanda’s first National Action Plan to combat Antimicrobial Resistance

The plan will guide the country’s efforts in the prevention, slow down, and control of the spread of resistant organisms while ensuring the continuous availability of safe, effective and quality-assured antimicrobials and their optimal use. [...]

Aquaculture and AMR experts meet to deliberate the draft regional guidelines on AMR monitoring and surveillance

Regional guideline to harmonize monitoring and surveillance of antimicrobial resistance in aquaculture in Asia and the Pacific A number of countries in Asia still lack systematic and regular collection of high quality information on antimicrobial resistance [...]


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