Capacity Development Portal

FAO's Vision

Capacity Development is at the heart of FAO's mandate. The Capacity Development Portal contributes to FAO's vision of strengthening the national capacities of its Member Countries to achieve their own goals in the areas of food security and agricultural development. Through its learning resources and learning services, the Portal addresses the needs of individuals in rural communities, in organizations and institutions, and at policy level.

This Portal is designed for FAO staff, collaborators, partners, Member Countries and other international, national and local development actors to access knowledge, information, tools, good practices, and services related to Capacity Development in FAO's mandate areas.  The Portal provides links to FAO's Thematic Areas that feature Capacity Development as critical for the success of their programmes. The Portal also points to the principal external resources from within the UN and the broader international development community.


A strategic view to Capacity Development

Capacity Development is a core function highlighted in the Organization's new strategic framework. Member Countries place strong emphasis on FAO enhancing delivery in this area as they recently approved the Corporate Strategy on Capacity Development. The Strategy was developed in consultation with Member Countries and all FAO units worldwide. Taking a corporate approach to Capacity Development allows FAO to learn from its collective efforts and to support Member Countries in their own Capacity Development activities.


FAO Capacity Development Learning Modules

Each of these four learning modules focuses on a particular topic for moving toward the new approach to CD.

What is Capacity Development?

Capacity is defined as "the ability of people, organizations and society as a whole to manage their affairs successfully. Capacity development is the process of unleashing, strengthening and maintaining of such capacity". This definition, based on the work of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD/DAC), reflects the broadest consensus possible within the international development community. FAO upholds the definition and works towards implementing it in the context of its own mandate.