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Adding value to fish products through transfer of appropriate technologies

What problem did it address, where?

Developing countries have traditionally not added value to the fish they export (experienced as a problem in Africa, Asia, South America, Central America, Pacific). Much of the value addition (further processing) has taken place after the fish has been exported. In cooperation with the Common Fund for Commodities, FAO has overseen fish product marketing projects that aim to enhance developing countries capacity to add value to their exports of fish products. This is particularly significant for fish and fishery products as they are among the most traded agricultural commodities, with more than one third of production entering international trade. In addition, one half of international fish trade originates from developing countries (experienced as a problem in Africa, Asia, South America, Central America, Pacific)


FAO has helped to organize pilot production of value-added fishery products with the transfer of appropriate processing technology and know how; develop market opportunities; assess trends in key markets; conduct market trials. The projects are conducted in co-operation with other development institutions, the private sector and civil society

Where next?

Similar project proposals will be considered for funding by the Common Fund for Commodities.

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