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Good Practices

    Welcome to the FAO Good Practices Web site!

    This site provides a series of summaries that introduce good practices in the FAO's areas of expertise. It also provides links to further resources with supporting technical information.

    The practices have been divided by theme. They are interdisciplinary, reflecting the complex nature of the problems addressed, and have been widely and successfully adopted. More good practices will be identified and added to this site; existing practices will be modified in light of new experiences being learned. All comments are welcome.

    Here you will find guidance, tools, methods and checklists to get you started:

    This concept note is a short introduction to the process of documenting and capitalizing on experiences and good practices, which has been developed through a consultative process involving many FAO units and offices. The objective is to integrate this approach fully into FAO's internal processes to improve its performance as a knowledge and learning organization. FAO can turn knowledge into action through knowledge sharing and capitalization of experiences.

    Use the Good Practice Template -- This template will help you identify and collect good practices. Thanks to its format in Word, you can easily start documenting your experience or practice answering questions in each section. The template can be used as a checklist to verify that you have covered all aspects to be documented in a good practice fact sheet. Available in English, French, Russian and Spanish (March 2014).

    Definitions and criteria -- This page provides you with a definition of good practices, how it differs from best practices and what criteria can be used for selection of good practices. 

    Good Practice Cycle -- Here you will find more information about the Good Practices Cycle, what the different steps involved are, the tools and methods available as well as a good practices template for capturing and sharing a good practice.

    Resources -- This page leads you to a collection of FAO repositories containing good practices in various areas of FAO's work.

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