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Capitalize and share knowledge on food security
and empowerment of rural people

Historical background


The sub-programme "Knowledge Management and Gender" is part of the Belgian cooperation multilateral Programme with FAO.


2008-2011 programming

During this period the programme included four components: 

  • Capitalization of good practices in support of agricultural production and food security 
  • Rural Finance Learning Center
  • Dimitra
  • Hortivar


2012-2015 programming

  • Capitalization of good practices in support of agricultural production and food security 
  • Rural Finance Learning Center
  • Dimitra


The component Hortivar is pais now part of the sub-Programme  "Urban and peri-urban horticulture:



The Programme rests on three pillars:
Capacity Development, Knowledge Management, Gender

The Programme was conceived from experiences and learning of projects and programmes generating good practices. These lessons learned have been grouped in three main themes: agricultural input management, agricultural innovations, information and communication for rural areas. These good practices are exchanged at local, national, regional and finally international levels. According to the themes, the following good practices have been developed with the partners of the Programme under the aspect of gender and capitalization of experiences.



All these issues which lead to good practices are reviewed from a gender perspective. An analytical methodology is proposed to accompany a research-action activity to make the practice "gender sensitive".

Capacity building is also involved in how to communicate gender and how to  integrate it into a development action, and how to contribute to the empowerment of rural people, particularly women.

This process is accompanied by a knowledge sharing aproach to document , exchange and disseminate experiences.

This overall approach leads to emerging of good practices and their adoption.

Synergies with other FAO programmes


The Programme on Knowledge Management and gender collaborates with other FAO programmes that work on common issues such as:

  • Food security
  • Presence in West Africa
  • Work with rural populations and farmers organizations
  • Good pratices capitalization
  • Gender mainstreaming


All these projects and programmes can benefit from methodologies and tools developed by Knowledge Management and Gender.

  • Intensification de l’agriculture par le renforcement des boutiques d’intrants coopératives, au Niger, financé par plusieurs donateurs  www.iarbic.net
  • Project Fourniture d'intrants aux populations vulnérables dans le cadre de l'initiative contre la flambée des prix des denrées alimentaires (ISFP) au Niger, mis en place par les urgences, financé par l’Union européenne
    Italian Programme for Food Security in West Africa
  • Urban and peri-urban horticulture, partly funded by Belgium
  • Integrated Production and Pest Management Programme in West Africa
  • Initiative to Boost Rice Production in Sub-Saharan Africa, funded by Spain
  • Amélioration de la Production de riz en Afrique de l’Ouest en Réponse à la Flambée des Prix des denrées Alimentaires, funded by Spain
  • Initiative Eau pour Afrique, funded by Spain