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Agricultural Trade and Markets: Global Information and Early Warning System
Animal Food and Feed Safety
Animal Genetic Resources: Use and Conservation
Animal Health
Animal Production
Business, Marketing and Financial Management Skills
CountrySTAT Framework and System for Agricultural and Food Security Statistics
Diversification and Enterprise Development
FAO Economic and Social Development Department: Agricultural Trade and Markets
Financial Services
Food and Nutrition Education and Consumer Awareness
Forestry Policies and Legal Frameworks
Funding for Sustainable Forest Management
Household Food Security, Nutrition and Livelihoods
Implementation of Codex Standards
Integrated Food Control Systems - Good Practices and Quality Assurance, including Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) System
Integrated Food Control Systems - Laboratory Quality Assurance
Integrated Food Control Systems - Managing Food Control Systems
Integrated Food Control Systems - Microbiological Risk Assessment
Integrated Food Control Systems - Mycotoxins
Integrated Food Control Systems - Risk Analysis
Integrated Food Control Systems- Food Inspection
Linking Farmers to Markets
Livelihood Approaches
Livestock Sector Analysis and Policy
National and Regional Programmes for Food Security
Participatory Forestry
Promoting Gender Equality in Rural Societies
Provision of Scientific Advice
Rural Employment Capacity Building
Technical Assistance Projects in Statistics
Training for development in food and agro-industries and post harvest management
Veterinary Services