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Título Education for Rural Development: Towards new policy responses
Sumario This book makes a contribution to countering conventional wisdom and educational policies that have guided the provision of education in rural areas for several decades. It uses recent sources of information to reformulate education issues in the framework of the emerging rural development discourse. Various contributions describe current trends and innovations in improving the provision and quality of basic education in rural areas. This book also discusses skills development challenges, and analyzes emerging strategies developed by innovative higher education institutions to cope with the new educational and rural environment. In so doing, it opens the door for revisiting the links between education and rural development. Education and training need to be placed at the centre of the rural development agenda in order to contribute to eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, to ensure sustainable agriculture, and to build human capacity for rural development. This publication seeks to assist agents of change to progress in this direction.
Año 2003
Número de trabajo AD423/E
Format Book (electronic)
Infotype Training/Learning Resource;
Subject Improved food security and better nutrition