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Título Guidelines for Participatory Village Planning for the National Programme for Food Security and Poverty Reduction
Sumario These guidelines are for the use of Village Planning Workshop Facilitation Team members working with the National Programme for Food Security and Poverty (FSPR) in Cambodia. The development objective of the Programme is to improve the food security situation and to reduce the levels of poverty in currently 6 provinces, 15 districts and 180 villages. These guidelines describe the objectives and desired outputs of the participatory village planning workshops and offer a description of the stages of the Community Micro Project (CMP) process.
Año 2005
Número de trabajo AG139/E
Format Book (electronic)
Infotype Training/Learning Resource;
AGROVOC Desarrollo rural; Pobreza; Participación popular; Seguridad alimentaría; Planificación rural; Camboya; Enfoques participativos;
Subject Improved food security and better nutrition
Country Camboya;