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Título Prevention and control of Avian flu in small-scale poultry
Sumario This guide has been developed to ensure that adequate information is available for poultry smallholders in South East Asia for them to better prevent and control Avian Flu. The information is specifically intended to backyard and small-scale poultry production units. The guide therefore emphasizes on simple and inexpensive measures for disease prevention and control. However, this guide cannot be made available to the millions of poultry smallholders. It has therefore been decided to combine in this guide both information for poultry owners and information for veterinary paraprofessionals (“paravets”), and to distribute this guide to the 50,000 vietnamese paravets, since they represent the major provider of animal health service to livestock smallholders, and therefore can better spread the message to poultry smallholders. Ideally this guide should be distributed by the staff of the District Veterinary Station (DVS) during a meeting gathering all paravets from the villages / communes of the district. This meeting should be the occasion to discuss the contents of the guide, so that when Avian Flu is suspected in the district or nearby, both paravets and DVS have already discussed the issues.
Año 2005
Format Book (electronic)
Infotype Training/Learning Resource;
Subject Increased sustainable livestock production
Country Viet Nam;