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Título Guidelines for broodstock and hatchery management
Sumario The demand for fish fry in Lao PDR is currently estimated at 60 million per year and is constantly increasing. Most fish fry produced in the country originate from the Provincial government hatcheries, which have an estimated annual production of less than 11 million. This shortfall in supply is met in some part by the production activities of private farmers and more importantly through imported fish fry from Vietnam, Thailand and China. Imported fish fry is usually of poor quality and has suffered extreme transport stress by the time it is stocked into the farmers ponds. The lack of choice of species and occasional cheating by middlemen also makes the purchase of this foreign fish fry less desirable. There is a high premium for fish fry produced in LAO PDR due mainly to farmers awareness that foreign imported fry is of poor quality. There are few private hatcheries providing fish fry to the provinces and thus the dependence upon production from the Provincial fish hatcheries remains. The low production from these hatcheries is due to a wide range of factors, but significant increase in production could be achieved merely by improvement of basic management techniques. As part of an initiative to improve the production from Provincial fish hatcheries, LAO/97/007 is providing assistance in the form of structural improvements and management training. Little attention has been paid to the issues of broodstock management in the past, since this has not been considered as being a critical issue. The result has been that the fish used for breeding in the hatcheries are usually not in an appropriate condition for production of good quality fry. The principle reasons for this are: poor nutrition, under sized animals, inadequate spawning techniques and possibly inbreeding problems. This manual is intended as a guide to hatchery managers and those involved in fish culture activities in Lao PDR. The emphasis of this manual is placed on appropriate techniques that are sensitive to the economic and management realities of Lao PDR. The final chapters of the manual are intended as a guide the effective planning of fish breeding and fry production in hatcheries, together with some examples of how to assess basic economic parameters essential for the sustainable operation of a small fish hatchery.
Año 1999
Número de trabajo AE381/E
Format Book (electronic)
Infotype Training/Learning Support Material;
Subject Sustainable management and use of fisheries and aquaculture resources
Country Lao;