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Título Helping small farmers think about better growing and marketing. A reference manual
Sumario In order to develop extension material and training aids appropriate for the different user groups, the FAO Sub-Regional Office for the Pacific (SAPA) invited stakeholders from Government, the Private Sector and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), involved in giving farm management and marketing advice, to help develop the outline and content of appropriate awareness creating and training and extension related materials. An initial workshop took place at the Vaisala Hotel on Savaii, Samoa, in November 2002. Based on the recommendations of the workshop and under contract with FAO, experts prepared draft material which was then reviewed in a second regional workshop. This workshop took place at the Sinalei Reef Resort on Upolu, Samoa, in September 2003 and was attended by the authors of the material and by consultants and NGO staff working directly with FAO projects in the Pacific.
Año 2004
Número de trabajo AJ996/E
Format Book (electronic)
Infotype Reference material;
Subject Enabling environment for markets to improve livelihoods