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Título 2010 Annual Report - On FAO activities in support of producers organizations and agricultural cooperatives (COPAC)
Sumario The number of undernourished people in the world remains unacceptably high at close to one billion in 2010. A moderate decrease in 2010 is largely due to a slight economic recovery particularly in developing countries and the fall in both international and domestic food prices since 2008 (State of Food Insecurity in the World - SOFI, 2010). In the 2010 edition of its Food Outlook report, FAO warned the international community to prepare for harder times ahead unless production of major food crops increases significantly in 2011. Food import bills for the worlds poorest countries had been predicted to rise by 11 percent and by 20 percent for low-income, food-deficit countries in 2010. As of mid 2010, the FAO Food Price Index has considerably increased. If this trend continues, there is a risk that a renewed food price crisis will increase food insecurity in the world in 2011. Given the importance of rural institutions in addressing food security, FAOs work in support of POs and cooperatives, includes technical assistance at policy, organizational and individual levels.
Año 2010
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