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Title Guidelines on the collection of demographic and socio-economic information on fishing communities for use in coastal and aquatic resources management
Abstract The guidelines identify key indicators for the identification of demographic issues in coastal area management and for monitoring the impact of management measures on the socio-economic well-being of coastal and fishing communities. The guidelines also identify data sources and methods for the collection of data. Case studies on the use of demographic data in coastal area management in Italy and the USA and a summary of the proceedings of a regional workshop on the use of demographic data in coastal area management in the Philippines and other Southeast and South Asian Countries provide practical examples as to how demographic indicators are actually used.
Year 2004
Job Number Y5055/E
Format Book (electronic)
Infotype Best Practice;
AGROVOC Fishery management; Natural resources management; Demographic transition; Asia; Coastal fisheries; Coasts; Data collection; Fishermen; Fishery resources; Italy; Resource management; Usa; Demography; Economic indicators; Social indicators; Socioeconomic environment; Extension materials; Artisanal fisheries; Social anthropology;
Subject Enabling environment for markets to improve livelihoods
Region Northern America;