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Title Make learning easier. A guide for improving educational/training materials
Abstract This booklet provides guidelines for improving the quality of educational and training publications. The guide is based on lessons learned from an assessment of the strengths and shortcomings of a sample of 50 FAO educational and training publications on a variety of subjects, produced by various FAO divisions during the period 1978-1985. The main objective of this guide is to make practical suggestions for developing sound and pedagogically appropriate materials for use in training programmes and activities organized by FAO. The guide’s suggestions are applicable to any type of educational or training publication, regardless of the topic or subject-matter. It focuses on the educational methodology and process of developing and producing materials for more efficient use by both trainers and trainees, thus facilitating the learning process. The guide includes a brief description of desirable characteristics of good educational and training materials, as well as some suggested measures for increasing the relevance and utility of training materials to be produced in the future. However, the measures suggested in this guide are not exhaustive and, thus, do not constitute a checklist of all the things to do or consider in preparing educational and training materials or publications. Throughout the guide reference is made to certain FAO educational and training publications which are regarded as having particular value for training purposes.
Year 1992
Job Number T8602/E
Format Book (electronic)
Infotype Training/Learning Resource;
Subject Increased and more effective public and private investment in agriculture and rural development