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Title What woodfuels can do to mitigate climate change
Abstract Climate change can be mitigated in several ways, but most strategies emphasize reducing greenhouse gas emissions by reducing energy use and switching to energy sources that are less carbon intensive than fossil fuels. This publication explores the scope, potential and implications for using woodfuels to replace fossil fuels and thereby contribute to climate change mitigation. It analyses the current woodfuel offset mechanisms in place and their relative emission reduction potentials. The scope is limited to solid woodfuels (fuelwood, charcoal, prepared biomass such as woodchips and pellets, and recovered products or residues from wood processing industries). However, some themes covered will be applicable to all woodfuels, notably the socio-economic and environmental impacts, financing options and overall development implications of more intensive and efficient use of woodfuels. The publication will be of interest to specialists and policy-makers in forestry, climate change and renewable energy, as well as to forest managers, students and general audiences interested in learning more about the role of forests in energy production and the resulting mitigation potential.
Year 2010
Job Number I1756/E
Format Book (electronic)
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