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Titre A garden for everyone
Résumé "A garden for everyone", is a vegetable cropself tutorial manual prepared by the Regional Officeof the FAO for Latin America and the Caribbean,to support the Technical Cooperation Network forthe Production of Vegetables Crops.The aim of this work is to implement accuratevegetable growing methods for family consumption.It is aimed at small farmers, rural schools teachers,children, urban and suburban residents who canaccess small land surfaces.Better nutrition and income can be achievedthrough family participation in the production ofvegetables crops.The first edition, dated 1990, has successfullyserved programs, institutions and groups of smallfarmers. The second edition (2002) focused onthe need to increase food security and to balancethe nutrition of farmers and periurban residentsliving in poor conditions. The translation in toEnglish allows an inter-regional cooperation amonginstitutions and groups from different continents.
Année 2006
Numéro d'identification AG002/E
Format Book (electronic)
Infotype Training/Learning Support Material;
AGROVOC Jardin familial; Plante légumière; Éducation;
Subject Improved food security and better nutrition