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Titre Good practice for the small-scale production of bottled coconut water
Résumé Coconut water is consumed as a refreshing drink in many coconut producing regions. Growing health consciousness and consumer demand for coconut water that retains both its natural flavour and its aroma characteristics has stimulated interest in the identification of alternative technologies for preservation of the product. Being aware of the various categories of coconut water processors in developing countries, FAO has worked collaboratively with research institutions and through Technical Cooperation Projects to develop three technology packages: a high level technology package which employs the use of microfiltration for cold sterilization of the product; a middlelevel of cold preservation technology targeted for use by small and medium enterprises and an “appropriate” level of technology targeted to coconut water vendors.
Année 2007
Numéro d'identification A1418/E
Format Book (electronic)
Infotype Training/Learning Resource;
Subject Improved quality and safety of foods at all stages of the food chain