Country Leaflet

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TCP/LEB/3704 Rural Entrepreneurship Academy 2020 2021197,000$
TCP/LEB/3801 Urgent Safe disposal of obsolete pesticides stocks in Lebanon 2020 2021350,000$
TCP/LEB/3802 Establishment of a food contamination monitoring system prototype in Lebanon - Phase II of TCP/LEB/3603 2020 202176,000$
TCP/LEB/3702/C2 TCP Facility - Support to the Ministry of Agriculture to update its National Strategy integrating the SDGs in its National Agricultural Planning 2019 202199,000$
TCP/LEB/3703 Assessment for replacement of illegal fishing gears in Lebanon 2019 2021447,000$
TCP/LEB/3705/C3 TCP Facility - Support to MoA in preparing an Agriculture Sector Review for Lebanon to inform the CCA and the next cycle of UNDAF 2019 202199,000$
TCP/LEB/3706/C4 TCP Facility - Conduct studies/assessment in support of agricultural policy design and implementation with focus on national support/subsidies programmes 2019 202119,000$
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OSRO/LEB/001/BEL Emergency livelihood support to the vulnerable small-scale farmers affected by the financial and economic crisis 2020 2021250,000$
OSRO/LEB/002/BEL Support the effort of the Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture towards controlling Lumpy Skin Disease 2020 2021100,000$
OSRO/LEB/901/ROK Enhancing the Resilience of Vulnerable Refugee Communities through Cash-for-Work 2019 2021500,000$
OSRO/LEB/601/NET Upgrading the technical agriculture education system in Lebanon 2016 20219,088,099$
UTF /LEB/028/LEB Promotion of Good Agricultural Practices, Including Integrated Pest Management, to reduce agrochemical pollution in upper Litani basin 2017 20211,500,000$
GCP /LEB/033/NOR Rehabilitation and waste management of El-Bared Canal Irrigation System 2020 2022999,899$
GCP /LEB/032/NOR Prevention of Agrochemical Pollution in the Upper Litani Basin 2019 2022722,892$
GCP /LEB/030/CAN Support to Women Cooperatives and Associations in the Agri-food Sector of Lebanon 2018 20214,982,332$
GCP /LEB/029/SWI Improved Water Resources Monitoring System/IWRM at regional level in Lebanon 2017 20212,432,130$
GCP /LEB/027/SCF Smart Adaptation of Forest Landscapes in Mountain Areas (SALMA) 2016 20217,147,635$
UNJP/LEB/034/UNJ Productive Sectors Development Programme 2020 20231,765,491$
UNJP/LEB/035/UNJ Gender Responsive National Budgeting and Private Investing for SDG2-Zero Hunger 2020 2022395,823$