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      TCP/SEY/3801 Assistance on resilience building and sustaining livelihoods of small farmers in the post-COVID 19 era in the Seychelles 2020 2022122,000$
      TCP/SEY/3701 Agricultural Land Evaluation to support sustainable land resources management in Seychelles 2019 2021165,000$
      TCP/SEY/3702 Sustainable Bioenergy Assessment (BEFS) and Capacity Building in Seychelles 2019 2021226,000$
      TCP/SEY/3703/C1 TCPF: Reviewing the Control of Dogs Act 2019 202189,000$
      TCP/SEY/3704 Support to the development of Seychelles National Forest Policy and Legislation 2019 2021273,000$
      TCP/SEY/3705 Support for preparation of an effective control programme of the invasive euproctis caterpillar 2019 2021148,000$
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