Coordinating Working Party on Fishery Statistics (CWP)
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Classifications and Metadata Standards
Methodological standards
 Aquaculture production core variables The core variables identified for aquaculture are restricted to only two items as they are the most widely available. The core variables to be collected are: Gross value of production Employment. More
 Gross value of production The gross value of the production is normally collected together with production quantity statistics and the value is optimally collected at the farm-gate level, that is, the value per unit (price) of the product at first sale,... More
 Employment Employment in aquaculture should be collected in sex-disaggregated form. Where possible, a breakdown by the type of activity by classification should be included with the employment data which should include all people working on fish farms, hatcheries, and employed in... More
 Aquaculture production additional variables The additional variables allow for the calculation of total revenue and total costs for the aquaculture operations. This allows derivation of the economic profitability of the aquaculture sector which is judged from information on the net revenue... More
 Total revenue The variable group of total revenue is composed by several variables. Gross sales of the aquaculture production part of the core variables (refer above). Direct subsidies - including direct payments; excluding social benefit payments and indirect subsidies e.g.... More
 Total costs The variable group of total costs is composed by several variables. Cost data can be obtained from the financial records of the aquaculture operation or enterprises and these data are mostly difficult to obtain. Even when such data... More
 Capital value Capital value includes two key components: the value of physical capital (depreciation or historical value) and the non-tangible assets. More
 Remuneration Remuneration provides an important and clear estimation of the contribution to livelihood gained from employment in the sector. The total remuneration includes social security costs for all employees including the owner. This is often the same value as that... More
 Fisheries statistics fall into three categories: documenting the removal of fish and other organisms, documenting the fishing effort and the fleets that exploit the resources and documenting the labour force, income, costs and invested capital that is used in this... More
 NOMINAL CATCH is most often not obtained as a direct measure but has to be derived and this is usually done by applying a conversion factor to the landed weight. More
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