Environment Statistics

Collecting, Analyzing and Disseminating data, one Country at a time!

What We Do

The Environment Statistics Team of the FAO Statistics Division focuses on collecting, analyzing, interpreting and disseminating information on food and agriculture, with a focus on productive and sustainable agriculture and the sustainable management of the underlying natural resources.

Our activities support FAO’s strategic objective of making agriculture, forestry and fisheries more productive and sustainable. We disseminate relevant statistical data in FAOSTAT, develop methodologies to improve data analysis, and prove capacity development for data users in member countries worldwide. Our main areas of work are:

  • Statistics on Fertilizers, Pesticides and Land Use
  • Agri-environmental indicators
  • Climate Change Statistics


    The Team manages three FAOSTAT Questionnaires, sent through a joint dispatch to 205 countries and territories, for data collection on Fertilizers, Pesticides and Land Use, Irrigation & Agricultural Practices. Communication with country focal points is maintained annually through a cycle of questionnaire dispatch, data analysis and FAOSTAT dissemination.

    Analytical International Guidelines and Geospatial information is used to integrate traditional data collection from countries, for the generation of several analytical FAOSTAT data domains including Temperature Change, Land Cover and Greenhouse Gas Emissions.


    Main Activities:

    • Collect, analyze, interpret and disseminate data on environment statistics related to agriculture, at country level and with global coverage, to support evidence-based decision making
    • Provide support to FAOSTAT users in the interpretation of the data disseminated and contribute to global analytical studies including with the relevant academic communities
    • Provide support to countries in their effort to strengthen national environment statistics relevant to food and agriculture, for analysis and international reporting on climate change processes and monitoring of relevant SDGs indicators, especially 2.4.1. “Proportion of agricultural area under productive and sustainable agriculture,” for which we serve as FAO focal point.


    Key Products by Statistical Function:

    Data collection/dissemination:

    • Annual update of FAOSTAT Inputs domains on Fertilizers, Pesticides and Land Use, Irrigation and Agricultural Practices
    • Annual update of FAOSTAT domains on greenhouse gas Emissions due to Agriculture and related Land Use
    • Annual update of FAOSTAT Agri-Environmental Indicators related to Land Use, Land Cover, Fertilizers, Pesticides and Climate Change

    Methodological work:

    • Update methodologies for imputation and quality control of the data collected through questionnaires
    • Update methodologies for the calculation of the derived data generated (e.g., estimation of GHG emissions)
    • Develop methodologies for processing and interpreting geospatial data, and for their use to complement and quality check national data sources
    • Link the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to Natural Capital and Ecosystem Accounting

    Capacity development:

    • Year-round provision of support to users worldwide on the FAOSTAT data domains maintained by the team and on their underlying methodologies
    • Country training to national experts on land use, land cover, fertilizers, pesticides and climate change statistics, as well as on environmental-economic accounting


    Who we are

    Andrea Alcibiade (Italy), Statistical Clerk

    Stefania Bacci (Italy), Consultant, SDG 241

    Silvia Cerilli (Italy), Consultant, Environmental Economic Accounts

    Giulia Conchedda (Italy), Consultant, Geospatial

    Giorgia De Santis (Italy), Statistical Clerk

    Kevin Karl (USA and Brazil), Consultant, Food Systems

    Asfandiyar Khan (Pakistan), Consultant, SDG 241

    Fabio Mozzillo (Italy), Statistical Clerk

    Javier Montero Serrano (Spain), Professional Officer

    Griffiths Obli-Layrea (Ghana), Consultant, Emissions

    Sylvaine Thomas (France), Administrative Assistant

    Francesco N. Tubiello (USA and Italy), Team Leader Publications

    Nathan Wanner (USA), Professional Officer

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