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Famine hits parts of South Sudan

UN agencies warn that almost 5 million people urgently need food, agriculture and nutrition assistance
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FAO supporting Bolivia’s bid to access climate funding via UN fund

President Evo Morales and Director General José Graziano da Silva agree to joint proposal to Green Climate Fund
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Drought is pushing food prices up sharply in East Africa

Soaring cost of basic staples is an extra challenge for pastoralists as livestock prices fall
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FAO Director-General urges more support to help small farmers adapt to a changing climate

Failure to act now will compromise future food production, sabotage 2030 development agenda
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As Yemen food crisis deteriorates, UN agencies appeal for urgent assistance to avert a catastrophe

Joint assessment finds that conflict has left more than two-thirds of people in Yemen struggling to feed themselves

In Action

FAO helps Benin to combat forest crime and boost local economies
FAO empowers indigenous women in Nicaragua to improve their livelihoods

Zero Hunger

The 5 key messages to take away from #IYP2016


Chinese experts trained 400 Namibian farmers and government officials in rice, foxtail millet and horticultural...

International Year of Pulses 2016

Throughout 2016, FAO made huge strides in accomplishing the objectives of the International Year of...

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