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Urbanization can be a catalyst for rural development

New report looks at “quiet revolution” made of improved value chains and vibrant roles for smaller towns
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Norway and FAO launch unique, state-of-the art oceanic research ship

The “Dr. Fridtjof Nansen” will conduct marine science research to support sustainable fisheries, study climate change impacts on oceans
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Wastewater an opportunity being flushed away

To mark World Water Day, FAO urges the safe use of wastewater, especially in agriculture
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Greening wood energy is key to mitigate climate change and improve rural livelihoods

Efficient charcoal manufacture and use can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions

In Action

FAO works with street vendors in Accra to improve hygiene and food safety conditions
FAO support for Ukrainian dairy sector is paying off

Zero Hunger

21 March is the International Day of Forests!
Rural women: a driving force against hunger, malnutrition and poverty

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FAO and the un family
- FAO-IFAD: Complementarity and Cooperation