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Dramatic impact of climate change on people's lives demands response - FAO leader

Director-General briefs Italian politicians on Paris summit, says poor can’t be asked to pick up the climate change bill
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Eataly-FAO collaboration bears fruit

Jars of cactus pear jam produced in Ethiopia have now reached consumers in Rome, thanks to partnership effort
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Healthy soils are the foundation of food production

Global Soil Week opens with emphasis on soils for development
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WTO and FAO announce enhanced cooperation on trade and food security

Collaboration to start with flagship report on commodity markets
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The importance of soils, seen through your eyes

Participate in the International Year of Soils photo contest | 2 April-17 May
FAO project helps seaweed farmers regain livelihoods after Typhoon
Qualitative global nutrition indicator helps Tajikistan monitor household diets and improve national nutrition
Quinoa breaches the boundaries of outer space
Find out why astronauts include quinoa in their diet
7 actions to build a sustainable planet
What comes next? Post-2015 development agenda
Q&A at Global Soil Week 2015
Global Soil Week (GSW) is taking place in Berlin from 19-23 April. Find out what some of the experts and participants had to say about soils!