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"We want to grow our business and be a model for others"

How FAO and the Italian Development Cooperation are helping young people change their lives in Ethiopia.


Haiti's mobile vet clinic

Listen as an FAO mobile vet clinic arrives in a community in Haiti to treat livestock and help protect farmers’ livelihoods.


End triple discrimination against indigenous women

The FAO Director-General has called for an end to the triple discrimination of poverty, gender and ethnicity facing indigenous women.


From the DG

Working together

The FAO Director-General Jose Graziano da Silva meets the President of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto ahead of a high-level panel on indigenous women and food security.


Help us achieve Zero Hunger

Are you interested in joining the FAO team? View the latest vacancies and help us make a difference.


Watch: #ZeroHunger starts with you

This video will change the way you see food.

In focus

40 years in the field

As a knowledge agency with its feet on the ground, many of FAO’s Country Representations across the world are marking their 40th anniversary this year. Learn more.


'I no longer have to borrow money'

An FAO project in Mexico has helped Paseano earn a living through agriculture and off-farm activities.


Working with indigenous communities

The manual on Free, Prior and Informed Consent is a good practice guide for project practitioners working with indigenous communities. Find out about the right to FPIC and how it can be implemented in six steps.


FAO works with governments and partners to empower some of the world’s most marginalized people to end rural poverty.

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FAO helps ensure food security by developing ways of growing food that will work in the future so that millions of people don’t go hungry.

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Good health starts with nutrition. FAO sets global standards and works with governments and the private sector to ensure food quality and safety throughout the food chain.

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FAO invests in educational systems for rural communities and supports improved access to primary education and school meals in order to create equal opportunities for all and chances of lifelong learning.

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FAO supports gender equality in the agricultural sector in an effort to raise levels of nutrition in local communities and improve agricultural productivity.

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FAO works with governments to ensure water use in agriculture is made more efficient, equitable and environmentally friendly.

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FAO promotes the use of renewable energies and works to ensure access to modern energy services across the food chain.

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FAO seeks better economic opportunities for all by investing in sustainable agricultural practices and food systems that reduce inequalities and create decent jobs.

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FAO seeks to secure a future for rural communities via investments in transportation, irrigation, food storage facilities and communication technologies.

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FAO works with countries and partners to generate employment in rural areas, ensure access to natural resources for the most vulnerable and connect farmers to markets.

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FAO works to improve urban healthcare, water quality and rethink city region food systems to help deter the negative effects of sprawling urbanisation.

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FAO coordinates major global initiatives and projects to tackle food waste and loss, partnering with international organisations, the private sector and civil society.

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FAO supports countries in responding to the threats of climate change by providing advice, data and tools for better agricultural policies and practices.

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FAO, in partnership with governments and fishing communities, implements best practices in fisheries to ensure our oceans are protected as a means of livelihoods.

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FAO promotes sustainable approaches to natural resource management and supports endeavours that promote a balance between conservation and development initiatives.

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FAO plays a critical role in peacebuilding, restoring rural livelihoods, building resilience and participatory approaches to policymaking.

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FAO acts as a neutral policymaking forum and develops partnerships with all concerned with food and agriculture to ensure a world free from hunger.

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FAO is an intergovernmental organization present in over 130 countries. The Organization is comprised of 194 Member States, two associate members and one member organization – The European Union.

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