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Global call for zero tolerance on food loss and waste

Healthy food systems will help end hunger but more cooperation is needed
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FAO links with Unilever to reduce food loss and waste

Expanded partnership to tackle climate change and develop digital innovations for rural smallholders
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New partnership between ITU and FAO to bolster ICT innovation in agriculture

Aim is also to boost rural communities' capacity to use ICTs in climate change monitoring and disaster-prevention
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World hunger again on the rise, driven by conflict and climate change - report

815 million people now hungry – Millions of children at risk from malnutrition
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Giving new life to degraded lands in Small Island Developing States

An FAO partnership with Google is helping collect and analyse land degradation data

In Action

FAO’s seed distributions help Nigerian villagers recover their livelihoods.
FAO empowers refugees and host communities to recover their livelihoods

Zero Hunger

Get the basics, challenges and outlooks on this global health threat
We all have a part to play in saving food


With FAO's support, within the South-South cooperation framework, civil servants from Kenya visited Ecuador and...

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