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Once upon a time in the future of food and agriculture

Poster and video contest asks children from around the globe to use their creativity to explore the 2016 World Food Day theme
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Sizing up livestock farming’s carbon footprint

FAO tool helps livestock farmers to improve productivity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
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When it comes to its humanitarian work, FAO is in it for the long haul

An enduring commitment to sustainable agriculture and resilient communities
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A floating threat: sea containers spread pests and diseases

International Plant Protection Convention grapples with challenges of globalized trade
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Ethiopia has staved off worst of El Niño, but possible impacts of La Niña looming large

$45 million additional funding urgently needed to support Ethiopian agriculture

In Action

FAO provides recovery support to Zamboanga fisherfolk through creation of sustainable livelihood opportunities
Income-generating livestock distribution helps conflict-affected families recover after devastating floods

Zero Hunger

How bees impact nutrition and why and how to preserve them
Find out how drones can help meet today’s food challenges


FAO Multi-Partner Programme Support Mechanism stimulates investments in agribusinesses...

International Year of Pulses 2016

Climate change has a huge impact on global food production and food security...