FAO Statistical Yearbook 2012

World Food and Agriculture

The 2012 edition of the FAO Statistical Yearbook represents a break away from FAO tradition. Through employing data from global statistical providers, including FAO, the publication presents a visual synthesis of the major trends and factors shaping the global food and agricultural landscape and their interplay with broader environmental, social and economic dimensions. In doing so, it strives to serve as a unique reference point on the state of world food and agriculture for policy-makers, donor agencies, researchers and analysts as well as the general public.

The book is subdivided into four thematic parts:

The setting measures the state of the agricultural resource base, by assessing the supply of land, labour, capital, inputs and the state of infrastructure, and also examines the pressure on the world food system stemming from demographic and macroeconomic change

Hunger dimensions gauges the state of food insecurity and malnutrition, measuring the multitude of dimensions that give rise to and shape undernourishment

Feeding the world evaluates the past and present capacity of world agricultural production and the role of trade in meeting changing food, feed and other demands

Sustainability dimensions examines the sustainability of agriculture in the context of the pressure it exerts on the environment, including the interaction of agriculture with climate change, and how it can provide ecosystem services in relation to the bio-based economy

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