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Classifications and standards

FAO statistics has implemented structured and comprehensive metadata that can be useful not only for statisticians who compile, validate and analyse the data, but also for users who access and use the data. Within FAOSTAT the metadata system enhances understanding of any given data item – by managing the documentation of related concepts and definitions, its source, the history of its values and the methodology used in its collection.


To promote consistency and comparability of information at the world level, FAO statistics provides national statistical offices with internationally recognized definitions, concepts and classifications.

Definition and classification of commodities
» FAOSTAT commodity list
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Food items (commodities) in English, Français and Español 
» CPC ver.2.1 expanded for agriculture (crops, livestock and derived products) and correspondences to FCL

» CPC2.1 Expanded in FBS default composition groups in primary equivalent


Definition and classification of agricultural inputs
» Definitions and classifications of agricultural machinery and equipment

» Definitions and classifications of pesticides

» Definitions and classifications of fertilizers

Land use
» Definitions and classification of Land Use, Agricultural Practices and Irrigation (EN) | ES | FR | RU

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You can search by codes and keywords, and easily access correspondence tables between the FAOSTAT Commodity List (FCL) and other international classifications. In cooperation with the CountrySTAT project, links to some national product lists and related correspondences to the FCL are also provided.

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