World Programme for the Census of Agriculture

Beginning with 1950, the FAO World Programme for the Census of Agriculture (WCA) has been supporting countries to carry out their national agricultural census at least once every decade using standard international concepts, definitions and methodology.

The programme assists countries by providing guidelines to generate internationally comparable figures on variables defining the structure of agriculture, such as number and area of farms by size, number of livestock by type and age/sex classification, land tenure and land use, crops grown and agricultural inputs. FAO encourages countries to develop their programmes of censuses and surveys, keeping in view their priorities, practices and resource availability according to four alternative census modalities advocated in WCA 2020: the classical (one-off) approach, the modular approach, the integrated census/survey modality and the combined modality with use of administrative sources.

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Last update: September 2015

World Programme for the Census of Agriculture 2020
Volume 1: Programme, Concepts and Definitions
This publication is intended to provide guidance on agricultural censuses carried out by countries in the period between 2016-2025. The WCA 2020 will ensure that data collected are comparable at the international level while also addressing the main emerging information needs of the 21st century.
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