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Family Farming Knowledge Platform

The Family Farming Knowledge Platform gathers digitized quality information on family farming from all over the world; including national laws and regulations, public policies, best practices, relevant data and statistics, researches, articles and publications.  

It provides a single access point for international, regional and national information related to family farming issues; integrating and systematizing existing information to better inform and provide knowledge-based assistance to policy-makers, family farmers’ organizations, development experts, as well as to stakeholders in the field and at the grassroots level. 


Ley Nº 63 - Ley para la Organización y Desarrollo de Mercados Agrícolas Familiares en Puerto Rico.

La presente Ley regula la organización de los mercados agrícolas familiares, cuyo fin es proveer un espacio donde concurran compradores y vendedores con el propósito de realizar transacciones de bienes a un precio determinado y conocido públicamente por los interesados en la transacción de productos...
Puerto Rico


Smallholder farming styles and development policy in South Africa

Diversity among smallholders farming 1.28 ha plots at Dzindi Irrigation Scheme in the Thulamela Local Municipality of Limpopo Province; South Africa is investigated by applying farming style theory. Farming styles refer to specific farming strategies, which are conscious responses of farmers to the prevailing ecological and socioeconomic conditions. The specific...
South Africa
2006 - Tshwane University of Technology

From the field

Agriculture familiale et politiques publiques: étude de cas , le Mali

Dans la perspective de l'Année Internationale de l'Agriculture familiale (2014), le Cirad avait  été mandaté pour analyser les caractéristiques des agricultures familiales du monde avec des études dans 9 pays dont le Mali . Parmi les conclusions de cette étude , celles que les exploitations familiales maliennes ont  un besoin urgent d'une politique agricole...
2013 - Cirad

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