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Safe food now for a healthy tomorrow


A newscast broadcast on 18 February on the Codex Twitter channel and on the FAO LinkedIn and YouTube channels, launched the World Food Safety Day 2021 campaign under the theme “Safe food now for a healthy tomorrow”.

This day which is gaining global momentum as it approaches its third anniversary calls on governments, all those who work with food, and consumers to take action.

  1. Ensure it’s safe - Governments must ensure safe and nutritious food for all
  2. Grow it safe - Agriculture and food producers need to adopt good practices
  3. Keep it safe - Business operators must make sure food is safe
  4. Know what’s safe - Consumers need to learn about safe and healthy food
  5. Team up for food safety – Let’s work together for safe food and good health!

In a period characterized by acute observations of food chains and the risks of foodborne disease, World Food Safety Day is a prescient reminder that the consumption and production of safe food have immediate and long-term benefits for people, planet and the economy.  The 2021 theme “safe food now for a healthy tomorrow” reminds us all that the availability of safe and healthy food can be sustained into the future by embracing digital innovations, advancing scientific solutions and honouring traditional knowledge that has stood the test of time.

 Scientific innovations are helping us keep food safe, FAO Chief Scientist Ismahane Elouafi said in a video message. “Scientists have developed tests and methodologies and tools to detect contamination, be it microbiological, be it chemical or other hazards,” she said, highlighting the importance of prevention.

In a video message, Francesco Branca, Director of Nutrition and Food Safety at WHO, emphasized that most foodborne diseases are preventable. “Safe food contributes to a healthy life, a healthy planet and a healthy future,” he said after outlining the concrete actions that everyone can take to help keep food safe.

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