Flexible Multi-Partner Mechanism (FMM)

Enabling rural youth aged 15-17 to access decent work


To identify and implement promising practices in Cambodia, Lebanon, Mali and Uganda to support and develop the capacities of country level stakeholders and support national policy dialogue for improved skills development, school-to-work transition and employment options for rural youth aged 15-17 in agriculture and the rural economy.

Major results

• Published case studies filling in identified knowledge gaps related to the rural youth aged 15-17 in Cambodia and Uganda.
• Developed and adapted capacity development materials on the different challenges faced by 15 to 17 year-olds, tailored to different value chains or contexts in Uganda.
• Produced a series of briefs, guidance and knowledge products focusing on the main areas of concerns flagged during the expert meeting, and issues of special relevance such as humanitarian contexts and crisis.
• Provided strategic technical assistance to support the implementation of the ‘Policy and Strategic Framework on Childhood Development and Protection in the Agriculture Sector 2016 - 2020 in Cambodia.
• Developed training material on Financial literacy and Occupational Safety and Health/Pesticides management in agricultural settings integrating climate-smart and environment sensitive advice for agriculture technical schools teaching rural youth aged 15-17 in Lebanon.
•Community level awareness raising in Mali and training of trainers for use of the visual guide “Protect children from Pesticides” to kick-start the institutionalization of the guide among agricultural stakeholders in Lebanon.
• Capacity development workshop implemented to support the transformation of hazardous child labour into decent youth employment in rural areas in Uganda.

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