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Re: Innovations in agriculture to improve nutrition. Share your success stories

Krishna Sannigrahi

Globally, the food and Nutrition scenario has undergone a sea of change. Over the years, India has progressed from being an underdeveloped country to a developing one and this again brings a lot a change in the nutrition arena. Everything changed as per the requirement or you can say demand driven change and has taken a rigid form of lifestyle, the population and the quality of food. From being a country of people who are mostly home grown and home cooked foods, the drift is now a fast food and faster life. The trends are towards fast foods, take away, fast foods, packaged foods, on the other hands there are tons of on-going research also on organic foods, local produce and fresh foods. Apart from the role of agriculture as a source of food, it serves as an important source of income for a large section of our population. Because of modernization the young generation is least interested to do farming and migrating to the cities for employment. As a result, on a large scale the old farmers do farm and follow the old tradition to cultivate, do not want to accept the new technologies. Successful implementation of any strategy, needs a high level of expertise in technical knowledge, managerial skills with an effective behaviour change communication in order to retain the young ones promoting them to take an interest in agriculture as they are the ones easily motivated to adopt the new concept of agriculture , the older farmers need to be convinced to adopt modern technologies present which has minimized the labour work in the field, the city people should be encouraged to eat home cooked food using various new technologies in the kitchen to ease their workload. Agricultural policies and food prices have a profound impact on food intakes and nutrition. India to reveal the areas where disconnects exist between agricultural policy and nutrition.