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The Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition “FSN Forum” is a worldwide network of experts on food security and nutrition.

Registered FSN Forum members can take part in facilitated online discussions and knowledge sharing, access the outcomes of the discussions, share news and resources and contact fellow practitioners.

The FSN Forum also collaborates with major global initiatives and facilitates regional communities.

FSN Forum regional activities

FSN Forum in Europe and Central Asia

FSN Forum in Europe and
Central Asia

By hosting online discussions on topics relevant to the region, the FSN Forum in Europe and Central Asia provides an opportunity for local stakeholders to voice their ideas and concerns on food security and nutrition and to actively take part in the policy dialogue.


FSN Forum in West Africa

FSN Forum in West Africa

The FSN Forum in West Africa aims at addressing topics that have a special interest for the region, supporting linkages between various initiatives taking place in West Africa related to food security, nutrition and agriculture and at raising awareness on most pressing issues through inclusive open online discussions and face to face events.