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Re: From economic growth to food security and better nutrition

Bengir Al Labib Miru
Bengir Al Labib MiruUniversity of Development Alternative (UODA)Bangladesh

Dear All,

I share one concept that can help to develop food security of Bangladesh.

"Utilization of functional space for food production and nutrition improvement in Bangladesh.

As high population density in Bangladesh leads her major priority for food and nutrition crisis to mitigate. For few years it obtains self-sufficient in food. Due to natural calamities like flood, heavy rain, drought, saline intrusion which forecasting the loss of food and cash crops that disturbs the continuing progress of the entire economy. Bangladesh is based on agrarian economy. Agriculture is the single largest producing sector of economy since It comprises about 30% of the country's GDP and employing around 60% of the total labor force. Agriculture related with the major macroeconomic objectives like employment generation, poverty alleviation, human resources development and food security. The holdings of agriculture in Bangladesh are generally small. The use of modern machinery is gradually gaining popularity. Rice, Jute, Sugarcane, Potato, Pulses, Wheat, Tea and Tobacco are the principal crops. The crop sub-sector dominates the agriculture sector contributing about 72% of total production. Fisheries, livestock and forestry sub-sectors are 10.33%, 10.11% and 7.33% respectively.  The government of Bangladesh play role in some objectives, such as increase in grain production, etc.

Bangladesh has several organizations (governmental, non-governmental) and these are holds many unutilized place or ornamental place. Where Bangladesh carry a strong weakness of food and nutrition crisis, the use of these places for only beautification (very few of them cultivate) is not hopeful for our nation and can not contribute to minimize the crisis. Why there are no initiatives from these organizations (any types) to contribute  in food production? Why do all these organizations not become a part of to ensure country`s food security ? or a tinny part to support mankind?........"


Thank you.