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Re: Nutrition-enhancing agriculture and food systems

Kien Nguyen Van
Kien Nguyen VanPlant Resources Center (PRC)Viet Nam

Dear Sirs/Madams,

In my opinion, needs of nutrition of humankind from agriculture and food systems has not changed, even if it is higher than before. But the way that men want to get nutrition and energy is changed. It are foods and agricultural products that must be convenience for usage, storage and  transportation. Meaningful, agriculture and food system must be fresh, clean and safe in first. Next, agriculture and food system must meet environmental criteria as well as standards of quality and good management under the globalization. Then we could focus on some fields that could help to improve nutrient values from products of agriculture and foods.

1. Indigenous knowledge to  nutrient values of various agricultural products;

This is the simplest way to improve nutrition to poor communities and food shortage; 

2.  Advanced scientific knowledge for agriculture and food systems;

This will help commodities of agriculture and foods is easy for processing, usage, storage and transportation. Whole men, including producers, processors, distributors and consumers will be benefit and profit from these.

3. Policies and mechanism;

To have climate and corridors, policy and mechanism should be developed and implemented to encourage indigenous and advaced scientific knowledge could meet  each others and promote processing industry develop faster than.

 4. Global/ regional standards

The difference of standards will prevent against move of nutrition flows in products of agriculture and foods between nationals and continents.

Best regards,