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Re: The future of food security and climate change in Malawi

Doreen Kumwenda
Doreen KumwendaMinistry of Transport and Public WorksMalawi

Despite having good national development visions, goals and strategies on paper, Malawi will remain under developed if there is no behavior change at all level: decision makers, politicians, programme planners and implementers, and grass root. It is high time, the country needs to be result oriented, make decisions based on sound economic and/or technical analyses rather than political directives/desires. It amazes me to find very good development plans failing to materialize due to change of political parties ruling the country. It also amazes me to see some projects being implemented based on political desires (gaining political mileage) rather than economic analyses.


Yes, resources will never be adequate considering that new issues/needs are always emerging. However, efficient utilization of resources at all levels can bring a positive change. It is high time, we need to be patriotic. It’s only if we dearly love our country when we can translate the well crafted visions, goals and strategies into a reality, and consequently transform the country from the Kutsalira scenario to the Mkaka ndi Uchi scenario which is the desired state.