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Re: Rural women: striving for gender transformative impacts

Mahesh Chander
Mahesh ChanderIndian Veterinary Research InstituteIndia

Apart from Education, technologies like ICTs have big role in gender transformative impacts. The growing number of smart phones in rural areas in India including with girls ( though far less compared  with boys) is the game changer ( ).The number of Internet users in India was  expected to reach 450-465 million by June'2017, up 4-8% from 432 million in December 2016 ( ). The socialnetworking via social media channels like Facebook and Whatsapp are influencing men and women, challenging the established patterns and disruptive too, making women more assertive about their roles, needs etc. The exploitative social norms are being challanged by women making men uncomfortable at times. These tools are likely to bring homogneiety in the society in long run since both men and women will understand what  is good for whole family.

Well planned use of ICTs can bring faster transformative impact in developing societies.

Smartphones are helping rural women get better at business.