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Re: Online consultation for developing the Code of Conduct for the Management of Fertilizers

Aklilu Nigussie
Aklilu Nigussie Ethiopian Institutes of Agricultural ResearchEthiopia

On the objectives:- 

  1. As there is always heterogeneous factors that can affect production and productivity it will be advisable to target:-
  • Increasing food production and productivity than maintaining

2. For the second objective only maximizing or efficient use of external plant nutrients cannot sustain agricultural production and productivity so:-

  • It will be rational to increase fertility of the soils or the farm or alarming increase of soil health with organic composition of nutrients can sustain agriculture visa vis other things are constant (climate variability, pest or insect or virus infestation and others)

3. Objective of minimizing environmental and human health impact  can be merged as one objective yet:-

  • The objectives can encompass animal health and eradicating toxicities of food plants from inorganic fertilizer application  

4. Food safety could be from the post-harvest handling, application of toxic fertilizer, pesticides,  fungicides or any environmental and human wastes; so that:-

  • Food safety type to address should be indicative like increasing food safety from application of inorganic fertilizer or any.

Here as dynamism is always expected positively or negatively it is good to set objective not with maintaining rather increasing.