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Re: Eradicating extreme poverty: what is the role of agriculture?

Brandon Eisler
Brandon EislerNutritional Diversity Panama

Amazing aids of nature go totally unrecognized by us humans, who fail to realize the intelligence of nature, hoping for us to all succeed and trying vigorously to help us. For example :

(1) When people cutaway the forest to make their home or town, interesting new plants take hold over the recently cleared area, different than those that were removed.

Foods Gifted From Mother Nature in Our Back Yard

Once we clear and area for shelter making, or space for livestock, a new spread of shrub plants comes in for cows and goats and us, as if, a waiter in the restaurant of miracles brought it to us.

Dandelions, culantro which ends up getting mono-cropped too, water cress, certain mints, chamomile, are some of these ‘gifted’ species that people are familiar with and there are many known livestock targeting elements that come in also after clearing living areas, such as pasture grass for cows. There is a lot of benefit in these areas that is unemployed simply because we have not tested everything and do not know what the unknown plant’s qualities or toxic properties are.  Many of these plants seem clearly gifted by nature (really the ultimate intelligence that is behind the form of our world), powerful healing and helping herbs to us; the forest clearing primates.

Could the answer to the potential food crisis be all around us? A simple additional bit of knowledge to tell us what part of the jungle, the forest, the permacultures of God, exactly that we can ingest and in what dose. Remember that random eating of things without testing them and having expert level knowledge of the plant can kill you. Could it be that if you eat even these highly toxic plants, inside of a sufficient nutritional diversity, that the toxins become neutralized? With sufficient nutrition is there a highly powerful digestion process that can deal with one toxin among the many different diverse essences? Is the jungle digestible by humans at all? Are we ready to ingest it? Can it be ingested, with training, and digestive mechanism development such as seen in ketogenic diet examinations. Is it better nutrition than what is in the store? Stronger? Is it a pesticide and herbicide toxin free? Can we simply eat from God’s permaculture? Surely, we just don’t know what most of it is or how to utilize it, unlike filing bark for cinnamon powder which we have been taught for generations.

Crop Selections & Farming Methods

(2) Another example of failing to realize useful natural preparations in respects to food crisis prevention is over looking tree’s like the Jackfruit Tree, the Breadfruit Tree, the Mango Tree, and the Avocado Tree, and of course permaculture farming methods. There is really no excuse for such a avid food crisis wave that crashes around the globe variably. We should have total food security, no problem, I have named a few for the tropics, but there are millions of highly productive edible species, that can be grown in permacultures everywhere, shopping markets are the most insane facet our stupidity, and not one of us has any chance in modern social culture of figuring that out by ourselves. How many of us today in 2018 have the time or selflessness to plant trees, that won’t fruit for several years? I have a lot of trouble assessing why namely the Jackfruit is not seen in the crazy markets everywhere the stuff is delicious, comes in vegetable state, fruit state, the seeds are great food,  it is highly nutritious and one tree produces up to 2000lbs a fruit a year. It even has very industrious and marketable timber. Insanely productive tree is missed by agriculture study almost completely, while centrally distributed glyphosate plastic looking seedless foods flow through our kitchens and stomachs all day long. Much of this food is made in a factory and far from natural. We are crazy, and greedy or so greedy we are crazy or I don’t know but we are poising ourselves and the results are in. In respects to proper nourishment algae, mushrooms, and many many other elements are just completely overlooked in most looks at food crisis.

In the face of not just food crisis, but forestation crisis (which is also now) can I recommend honey? Bee farming, can help rejuvenate the earth, is easy to do and produces lots of honey that can help sustain healthy life.

More Insanity

(3) The nutritional and human health crisis often times has a lot to do with the lack of diversity in diet. Lack of knowledge and simple tools for cleaning water, and consuming a diversity of elements, is largely responsible for malnutrition deaths in poor areas. If a human only consumes a few things, they are not consuming sufficiently whereas several cultures do exactly that and interestingly have done for a long time. Something that really shows have strong the human organism really is, to be able to sustain generations on inadequate and insufficient eating.

To act like humans could possibly run out of food on this earth, is ludicrous. People can simply become nomadic, leave the cities and eat from the Garden of Eden. This is the only way to be free.

To discuss population control, global warming, climate change, food crisis, is to be somewhat of a human monkey, that lacks imagination, vision and the intelligence to see our race progressively advance in a healthy way.

I am committed to continue working to working on the Nutritional Diversity Answer to human health and frankly harmful human codependency issues that stand in way of our natural human cultural progression.