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Re: Eradicating extreme poverty: what is the role of agriculture?

Kazungu Rauben
Kazungu RaubenMakerere universityUganda

In Uganda's context, there is inadequate arable land characterized by fragmentation and over-cultivation without fallowing; this has resulted into loss of soil fertility leading to low crop yields. Low crop yield has left most of the households food insecure and malnourished. The promising way how soil fertility is being improved is by employing the use of inorganic fertilizers but this is still a problem to an ordinary poor farmers because fertilizers are expensive.

Therefore, there is a need for farmers' support through training about the preparation and use of locally made agricultural inputs; like organic fertilizers and pesticides to make such inputs cheap and easily accessible to even a poor a farmers. Access to cheap and locally made fertilizers will attract more poor farmers into agriculture and consequently more food shall be availed on the table.

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Rauben Kazungu