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Re: Eradicating extreme poverty: what is the role of agriculture?

Kamaludin Abdullahi
Kamaludin AbdullahiMakerere UniversityUganda

According to the Agronomic systems in Somalia, Farmers success depends on understanding with the crop that is appropriate to the field they possessed instead preferring cash crops also proper handling of irrigation system and crop variation. Also equipping with knowledge and providing fertile seeds could result fruitful gardening.

Targeting poverty eradication, I think empowering local agricultural system is the key step to improve by providing amenities that is necessary to enhance their agricultural production, such helping to the fertilizers, international investment and overcoming security issues for our case. Funding small scale farmers to produce goods that may be to cover the needs for certain local geographic zone will be part to promote large scaled and well planted farming system.  

When setting policies, I have belief inspiring local food production supplies are very crucial to obtain sustainable vast production and well decent agriculture system and poverty eradication strategy. E.g. transporting food aids from somewhere else that is not may be our food preferences and is not fitting to consume our people instead of that if donors preferred to provide food aids from local grown foods will enhance both responding nutritional status of beneficiaries and local production.




Kamaludin Abdullahi

Msc Applied Human Nutrition