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Re: Mainstreaming biodiversity in agriculture, fisheries and forestry for improved food security and better nutrition

Chinasa Ikelu
Chinasa IkeluInstitute de Mathematique et des Sciences PhysiquesBenin

1.   Biodiversity is contributing in achieving food security and improved nutrition through the World Bank's Assisted Project of Transforming Irrigation Management in Nigeria (TRIMING). In our seminal paper on Growth and Poverty Dynamics in Nigeria: Evidence from two-wave panel survey, My co-author and I concluded that this good agricultural sector intervention (TRIMING) was important so as to improve access to irrigation and drainage services and strengthen institutional arrangements for integrated water resources management and agriculture service delivery in selected large scale public schemes in Northern Nigeria.

3.  Mainstreaming biodiversity requires good governance. Examples of such policies from the Nigerian government could be the Green Bond for Environment and recently introduced Sukuk Bond. These kinds of innovative ways of financing through the capital market should be encouraged in all sectors especially the agricultural sector - that is a driver of growth. To effectively monitor the progress of this bond require free market system because good exchange rate system boost confidence of potential investors.

In addition, partners needed to be involved in institutional frameworks, policies and processes for biodiversity mainstreaming include key public and private actors in the Ministries of Environment, Water Resources, Agriculture, Livestock and Animal Production. Also members of the civil society organisations (CSOs) are not left out.

4.   To increase awareness of farmers, livestock keepers, fisher folks and foresters, their organizations and the industry on the relevance of biodiversity and ecosystem services for the food and agriculture production in their sectors, proper education on the importance of biodiversity - through advertisement on radios and the best means of communication to farmers (like electronic short messages for those in the rural areas) - and involving them in all stakeholders meeting that leads to the design and planning process on biodiversity should be priority.

Furthermore, technical and institutional capacity can be developed through enabling friendly environmental practices within and across Agricultural sectors thereby protecting them against bacteria, fungi and other harmful living organisms. This institutional capacity can be in the form of preservation of the environment - naturally endowed ones rich in Agriculture should be priority instead of the rent that comes from it.

Thank you.



Chinasa IKELU
Doctoral Researcher,
Institut de Mathematiques et des Sciences Physiques (IMSP), Porto Novo, Benin Republic